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for your patients suffering from Osteoarthritis Joint Pain

Synolis is a smart injectable gel containing Hyaluronic Acid and Sorbitol that acts just like a young, healthy joint fluid.

Clinical data demonstrates significant pain relief within the first week after treatment with Synolis, with effects lasting up to 6 months. 1

Flexible Treatment Protocol with 2ml (Multishot) or 4ml (Monoshot) syringe
Gel that has the same properties as a young and healthy synovial fluid with a cross-over frequency of 0.4Hz
Unique Combination of 2% non-animal origin Hyaluronic Acid & 4% Sorbitol
High-Molecular weight HA of 2mDA

Why 2%
Hyaluronic Acid

High Lubrification

Better Shock Absorbance

Restoration of the properties of a young and healthy synovial fluid

Why 4% Sorbitol

Strong endogenous antioxidant

Protection of Hyaluronic Acid against  Degradation

Preservation of Viscosity and Elasticity

SYNOLIS Monograph

Key Numbers

Clinical performance

Based on a study of 80mg hyaluronic acid – 160 mg sorbitol on articular pain and mobility associated with gonarthrosis. Results from 93 patients.

Source: Cortet, B., Lombion, S., Naissant, B. et al. Non-Inferiority of a Single Injection of Sodium Hyaluronate Plus Sorbitol to Hylan G-F20: A 6-Month Randomized Controlled Trial. Advances in Therapy 38, 2271–2283 (2021). Read article

61.8 %
of pain relief at 6 months
78.8 %
of strict responders after 6 months
89.2 %
of patients were satisfied at the 6 month mark
53.0 %
reduction on the WOMAC Stiffness scale at 1 month


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