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Darick Yim

44 Years OLD

Darick Yim

44 Years OLD

After about one day, the pain and the swelling were gone

How old are you? What is your profession and what are your hobbies?

I am 44. I am a tennis player and instructor. It is, of course, my favorite hobby.

Is osteoarthritis a problem for your work or in your day-to-day life? how did osteoarthritis affect your life? So what did you miss the most?

Not now, but it used to be quite a problem because my knee joints were really painful. I could not walk properly. And of course, it affected my job because I could not run or move freely. Movement, running around and normal activities.

So, when you were diagnosed with osteoarthritis, at what stage was the disease?

I was diagnosed five years ago. It was stage 3.

Did you try any form of treatment before Synolis VA? What was the result?

Yes, I tried the shock wave therapy. It relieved the tendon and the swelling.

“I felt ready to start an activity again”

How was the injection procedure like?

It was not magical but after the injection, it eased the pain and the swelling in a day or two.

How did you feel after the injection? When did you feel the first signs of pain relief? Did you feel ready to start an activity after Synolis VA?

I felt great, of course. After about one day, the pain and the swelling had gone. Yes I felt ready to start an activity again, I was about sixty percent better.

Were you able to resume any kind of normal activity thanks to Synolis VA?

Yes, of course.

Would you like to share your experience?

I can do my normal activities and I can play tennis. I can also continue being an instructor. The treatment has helped me to regain at least sixty percent of my capabilities.

Would you recommend Synolis VA? To your friends?

Yes, of course. To everybody and, of course, my colleagues and all sportsmen and women.

Am I a candidate?

See if Synolis is right for me

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