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Ilà Northfleet


Ilà Northfleet


After the first injection of Synolis VA 80/160 I returned to the tennis matches as if I had new legs

How old are you? Your Hobbies?

I am 75 years old, I like to paint watercolors, to bike on the beach, to take care of the garden, to play tennis, to do aqua aerobics and to cook for my family.

When was your osteoarthritis diagnosed? What was the degree of injury?

It’s been about 3 years since I’ve had diffuse pain in my legs in general, not just my knees. I could not define the degree of the injury. In the consultation with the orthopaedist and with radiological examinations it was found that both knees were compromised by the lack of cartilage.

How did osteoarthritis impact your life? What did you like to do, for example, and did you have to stop doing?

The movement limitation caused by osteoarthritis appeared in the game of tennis and in prolonged walks. I had to decrease my activity on the tennis court and I became less competitive, I often took analgesics or anti-inflammatories after the game.

After the injection, how long have you felt the first symptom of pain relief? And in relation to the movement, was there amplitude, improvement?

It was almost immediate. I had pain when going down stairs and on the same day of the injection I needed to go down a stair and I no longer felt pain in the legs! From then and on, I played tennis twice a week for an hour and a half.

How long did SYNOLIS VA 80/160 gives result in you? Regarding to pain? What about the mechanics of movement?

I only went to the doctor to make a new injection a year later. I only feel pain when I push myself hardly and after my abusive efforts. I am still learning to deal with the limitations I have, due my age.

Was there any disadvantage?

I found no disadvantage. It was an easy and painless procedure and with long lasting effect.

After receiving the treatment from SYNOLIS VA 80/160, did you feel able to resume your activities? Have you ever felt that treatment with SYNOLIS VA 80/160 has given you back your «normal» life?

After the first injection of the Synolis VA, I returned to the tennis matches as if I had new legs!

"I only went to the doctor to make a new injection a year later"

Would you like to share some experience?

I have been speaking about the benefits of this treatment to my hydrogymnastics mates who have problems with osteoarthritis.

Did you try any other type of treatment? If so, what were the results?

I did nothing other than the use of Synolis VA.

Would you recommend SYNOLIS VA?

Yes, with no restrictions!

Am I a candidate?

See if Synolis is right for me

life changing result…